Transformers Devastation

Activision Lose Transformers Games Down Back of Sofa

Last Updated on August 6, 2023

It was previously reported that data for three Transformers game titles were supposedly misplaced by Activision. Hasbro has since apologised to Activision for this any misunderstanding regarding their storage of game data, leaving questions as to whether these games are being planned for a re-release.

It was noted that the three titles included Transformers: Fall of CybertronTransformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, and Transformers Devastation. Destructoid reached out to Hasbro regarding the situation in which a spokesperson from the entertainment giant responded with the following:

“To clarify, comments that suggest TRANSFORMERS games have been lost were made in error. We apologize to Activision and regret any confusion; they’ve been great partners, and we look forward to future opportunities to work together.”

In addition to this the Chief Commercial Officer of Activision, Lulu Cheng Meservey, had tweeted a response to a related headline.

With Activision being responsible for publishing the games and before the truth was revealed, an interview with a Hasbro representative was conducted by Transformer World at San Diego Comic Con 2023. This was when the situation had made itself known as they mentioned the following:

“Sadly, apparently Activision’s not sure what hard drives they’re on in their building. When a company eats a company that eats a company things get lost, and that’s very frustrating. Hope is that now that the deal is moving forward with Microsoft and Xbox that they’ll go through all of the archives and every hard drive to find it all, because it’s an easy Game Pass add. We want those games back up for people to have a chance to play.”

Now that we’re all clear that the data was, in fact, not lost according to Activision, we can only hope that Transformers fans will get to see these games back in the spotlight after the last release 8 years ago.

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