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Now Someone Sticks an A500 Mini in an Amiga 1200

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

If you have a spare Amiga 1200 case and an A500 Mini, this might be the project for you.

The YouTube Retro Recipes channel has demonstrated how to repurpose a discarded Amiga 1200 and replace the faulty internals with an A500 Mini. Channel host Perifractic provides a detailed guide to everything, from which components to use to how and where to mount the A500 Mini. There’s even a mechanical keyboard intended for Amigas included in the build.

Watching the video isn’t the slog you might expect, as Perifractic litters it with the usual silly sound effects, inserts, obscure references, and well, humour. While a list of the components used is included, some of them might prove difficult to get hold of, so sourcing alternatives might be a smarter option.

Of course, this build isn’t without its problems. While the first half of the video outlines the process, later on it demonstrates the various projects experienced. These include the A500 Mini being slightly too big to fit in the Amiga 1200 case without being stripped from its own case, adding extended cable ports resulting in space issies, and even the keyboard’s ribbon cable falling off!

Overall, this is a smart video to watch whether you plan on embarking on such a project or just want to consider the various pitfalls involved with customizing your hardware.

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