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A500 Maxi? A Mini Spectrum? What Is Retro Games Ltd Planning Next?

Last Updated on November 4, 2023

UPDATE: The A500 Maxi has been confirmed, with release scheduled for 2024

If you’ve been holding out for an A500 Maxi from Retro Games Ltd, your dream might be about to come true. Retro Games Ltd has been teasing its Facebook followers as to its upcoming plans, referring to a “first prototype,” “multiple prototypes,” “final testing,” and “box assets.”

The big question is, will it be an A500 Maxi (that’s a full-sized Amiga replica, to complement the existing A500 Mini) or something else?

Hopefully in the not too distant future we can finally reveal what’s up next from us, as the first prototype (of multiple prototypes) from the factory (pre manufacturing run) was in our hands this week… we just might be doing final testing and working on box assets… so keep watching!

So, what do you think? An A500 Maxi would probably be welcome, but it’s not as if there aren’t already full-sized custom Amiga cases out there that you could conceivably stick an A500 Mini inside. Of course, the market for Retro Games Ltd’s products aren’t typically the tinkering type, so a full-sized Amiga 500 replica would suit many people.

But we could be well wide of the mark here. Who’s to say it isn’t a ZX Spectrum mini, a BBC Micro mini (yes please!) or a tiny Amstrad CPC 464? It could be an Atari ST mini, or a Dragon 32 mini.

(It probably won’t be a Commodore 16, but who can tell?)

Clearly, the options are endless, so it’s no surprise that the guys at RGL are playing their next move close to their chests. Whatever the case, we could be finding out any time now…

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