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A Look at T.R.S.I. (The Red Serpent Invasion) for Commodore 64

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Who says the Commodore 64 can’t do FPS games?

T.R.S.I, or The Red Serpent Invasion, is a Wolf 3D clone developed for the Evoke competition and it looks absolutely superb!

Aside from the Operation Wolf arcade conversion there are virtually no first person shooters in the C64. And that isn’t really an GPS in the currently understood sense.

Another key example of first person games on the C64 is Asylum, but that lacks speed and guns.

Despite the computer being around at the time of Wolf 3D’s release, it was judged to be unsuitable for the necessary 3D effect movement. And while there’s a C64 port of Wolfenstein 3D, that example requires a SuperCPU accelerator for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128, discontinued in 2001.

Thats is what makes The Red Serpent Invasion so different – no special hardware is required.

The video above demonstrates both the stunning intro sequence (love the music!)and gameplay, in which the player must find the correct keys to progress through the game.

Released at the EVOKE 2022 Interactive Compo the following team was responsible for TRSI:

  • Concept & Code: Benson
  • Graphic Mode: Peiseluli
  • Graphics: Elko
  • Music: Spider Jerusalem
  • Game-Engine:
    • Concept & Code: Movax
    • Game Graphics: Veto
    • Game Music & Effects: Spider Jerusalem
    • Art Direction & Orga: Spotter


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