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90’s Style Point ‘n Click Adventure Trilogy, The Telwynium, Available On Itch.io

If you know where to look, Itch.io offers a treasure trove of retro-styled games and passion projects. One of the latest games to join those ranks is The Telwynium by Powerhoof. It’s a “90’s style Adventure game with SCI0 style graphics” and a point ‘n click interface.

The Telwynium is actually a trilogy of games called ‘Books.’ The third, The Shadow of Spring, released earlier this month, and Powerhoof already has a sequel planned for later this year.

The short trailer on YouTube shows off some gorgeous graphics and very smooth movement. The music is also particularly impressive, with several comments asking for a link to the soundtrack. Powerhoof obliged.

The Telwynium is an early 90s style adventure game, with Sierra SCI0 style graphics, but with a fancy new-fangled point ‘n click interface.

Your home, the village of Willows Dene, burns at the hands of the shadowfell. Only the power of the Autumn-Aldor Dwinn stopped it from being overrun completely. Now, led by the Aldor, you flee to the west, for the White City, Aldarris. With you are your childhood friends Tani and Witt, the irritable Uplander Otarr Stronghorn, and a colossal golen of mud and stone, summoned by the Aldor as the shadowfell attacked.

It is your first night away from Willows Dene, and you have first watch.

Check out Powerhoof’s Itch.IO page for more details. There are links to every game in the trilogy, along with purchase options. The comments section for each game is flooded with praise, and Powerhoof even alludes to a Steam release in the future, saying, “Current plan is to continue making a book a year, then wrap them all together for a Steam release at some point in the distant future after I get The Drifter out ;).”

The game has been produced with PowerQuest, a “Unity tool for creating 2d point and click adventure games!”

I rarely see projects on Itch.io as well received as The Telwynium. If you’re a fan of point ‘n click adventures and the art style, this trilogy is well worth checking out.

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