Lords of Exile

8-Bit Style Lords of Exile Is Available Now

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Lords of Exile is the perfect chocie for anyone looking for a new retro game for their modern console, and is out now on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

Here’s the game’s synopsis:

In ancient times of war in the Far East, the lands of Exilia were overrun by creatures of the night and samurais. Amidst this cruel conflict, only a bloodthirsty cursed knight can bring hope and vanquish the darkness.

Sporting a classic side scrolling action platformer vibe, Lords of Exile has all the qualities that made the genre so appealing 40 years ago. It also boasts an unforgettable soundtrack featuring Yuzo Koshiro, Dominic Ninmark, and Pentadrangle. Designed with the Mega Drive in mind, the audio is chiptune heaven – check out the trailer for a sample:

The game’s solo-developer, Carlos Azuaga, says:

“I can say that I feel very good and proud of the work done. I deeply appreciate the support received, which morally gave me the necessary energy to conclude this experience. It has always been my dream; I enjoy video games a lot, but creating my own as an independent developer was a challenge. Although difficult, I demonstrated that it is not impossible. In summary, it’s all about putting in a lot of effort and remembering that the goal arrives someday.”

Featuring hand-drawn 8-bit graphics and 16-bit physics, the game features 8 levels, each with a boss to beat. You can play as Gabriel or Lydia; each has differing powers which varies how you play the game and if that isn’t enough, after completing as Gabriel, you can unlock Speedrunner and Boss Rush modes.

Learn more at lordsofexile.com.

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