3 new C64 games to check out over Easter

Last Updated on March 31, 2024

A great collection of new Commodore 64 releases could make your Easter weekend one to remember.

A trio of new Commodore 64 titles are worth checking out this weekend, if you’re looking for some retro entertainment. We’ve got Gridlock, Harharagon, and Carleton Handley’s latest, Spinning Image.

These follow on from our earlier look at new C64 and Amiga games this month. Let’s take a look these three new titles them in turn.


A nicely-executed traffic puzzler C64 game available for just $4.99, Gridlock has been programmed by Chris Stanley, art and in-game noise by Roy Widding, with music from LukHash’s Cyberchip album.

But you can also get a physical copy of the game from Bitmap Soft (currently out of stock). This is on 5.25-inch floppy disk, complete with a box and manual. Check this out at Bitmap Soft’s website (it retails at £35), or learn more about Gridlock on the game’s page.


Developed by Icon64, distributed through Psytronik Software, Harharagon is an Impossible Mission-style explorer/puzzler. It’s pretty big, with 230 screens to explore, and costs just $3.99.

The game features:

  • 230 screens to explore
  • Detailed hi-res graphics
  • Superb backdrops
  • Pumping soundtracks
  • Pal and NTSC compatible
  • TheC64 Mini/Maxi compatible

This could be the best C64 game of 2024. Learn more at

Spinning Image by Carleton Handley

We will finish with Spinning Image, a game that is expected on an upcoming ZZap!64 cover disk. You may be able to find it this weekend…

It’s a simple concept – create your own version of a displayed image, ensuring you set the correct colours to create the image accurately. Your colour blocks are less than straightforward, however…

Keep an eye on Carleton’s page for details on this one.

How do you play these new C64 games?

You can download the games after purchase and run them in a C64 emulator (such as VICE). If you have TheC64 Mini or TheC64, you can alternatively copy the game download to that device in the usual way. It is also possible to run these games on original C64 hardware.

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